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The Weekender


Includes 3.5 lbs of Pork Ribs, 2 lbs of juicy pulled pork, 3 lbs of beef brisket, 2.5 lbs of our own Hill Country Hot Links.  Add to that 20 Tacombi tortillas, a quart of Coleslaw, a pint of Hill Country pickles, half a pint of pickled onions, one package each of Martin's Potato Roll Sandwich Buns and Hot Dog Buns, and  bottle of Hill Country Gotta Have It Sauce! 8 to 10 Servings.

Served cold to be reheated.

Local Pickup in Armonk, Westchester County takes place every Wednesday.

Local Pickup in The Hamptons and Long Island takes place every Thursday.

Available daily in New York City. 


Food Add Ons

Drink Add On's
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